Book/Movie/Tv Show Reviews (Kinda, Sorta, Not Really): Miraculous Ladybug

Alright, my first review post! I need to make a great first impression, so I have to pick my topic carefully. Something beloved and respected. Or maybe something under the radar, unknown to the general world. Or something bad. Nah, can’t get down on my first review post, that makes people think you’re the Nostalgia Critic. Then you have to shave every two days and scream until your lungs give out. So then, what should I write about today-

OH MY GOD, NEW LADYBUG STUFF! It’s been months! Whoa, this is a clip…with English voice acting! It’s already dubbed? Are Americans actually gonna get the show? Will I finally get to see what I’ve been waiting for for a year and a half-

This is you, the perplexed reader. Yes, you are Nicholas Cage.

Oh, uh, yeah. Blog post. Uh…hey, this is a fun topic to talk about! I mean, it’s not out yet, but more people need to know about it anyway, so why not? Anyway, I mentioned in the comment section of my last post that I would put links up when I mentioned this show, but the new clip gave me enough zeal to make a full blog post about it. Thanks for the motivation, Jeremy Zag! Now don’t let me down with the show. Time to spread the good word!

For those of you who don’t know, Miraculous Ladybug is an upcoming French/Korean/Japanese action-comedy CGI series, produced by Zagtoon and Method Animation Studios and set in Paris. The show will fuse the Japanese magical girl with American superheroes, and from what has been released about it so far, it going to be beautiful. The plot will be about two teenagers, a Chinese-French girl named Marinette, and a French boy named Adrian. The two of them seem to be normal kids by day, but by night, they are the crime-fighting duo Ladybug and Chat Noir!

BTW, Chat Noir means “Black Cat”. Just so you know why CGI Tamaki Suoh is dressed like Catwoman.

Both gained their powers from these weird creatures living in the accessories they are given (Marinette has earrings, Adrian has a ring). Marinette had the power of luck (hence the ladybug outfit), while Chat Noir had the power of bad luck. You wouldn’t think that they would be a duo, but hey, what better to combat the forces of evil than both sides of luck…I think. The fun part is that both of them do not know each other’s civilian identities, they just happen to work together when they’re superheroes. Normal Marinette, however, has a crush on Normal Adrian, while Chat Noir has a crush on Ladybug. So, you know, it all fun and games, until someone figures out the other’s identity and goes all Sailor Moon on us. Hey, maybe Marinette is a princess of luck or something! Ladybug Power, Makeup!

Except the transformation sequences aren’t as skimpy as yours, right, bunhead?

So here’s the question: why the hype?

This show has been in production for a long time. And I mean a long time. According to some sources, the first news about the show popped up sometime in 2011. But the real big push to popularity was in 2012, when this piece of beauty appeared:

You: Excuse me, but that is an anime. The only CGI are those fricking seagulls flying around Mustache Guy in Tights.

Me: Those are pigeons, not seagulls. You know, because of France? All the pigeons everywhere-oh forget it.

You would be correct about that, though. See, Miraculous Ladybug was originally going to be a 2D anime, produced and written in France, and animated by Toei Animation in Japan. As you can see from the trailer, it looks amazing. According to one article, the budget for the show is a whooping $11.2 million dollars. $11.2 million American dollars. It was money well spent! Paris looked great, the characters looked well-done, and the entire idea alone was worth getting excited about. A French anime! Imagine that, a magical girl eating croissants! “Jem’appelle mahou shojou!”

But alas, it was not entirely meant to be. I’m not sure when it happened, but at some point, this came out:

Suddenly, the French studios suddenly realized how expensive this whole “anime” thing was, and decided to use a more cheaper tactic: CGI.

I was so disappointed. I was really looking forward to seeing an high-quality anime-styled show on TV. Even if it was a “French anime” the quality of the animation alone would have made it pretty popular. You can think whatever about anime,with the big eyes and fan-service, but the Japanese have a high respect for the medium of animation. They do justice to whatever they think is worth animating. However, I do have to say that this trailer does look rather…impressive. Like, Pixar-impressive. Just look at the detail to Marinette’s face! Her earrings! Her ladybug suit! It feels almost real. Her movements are fluid, and Paris is still gorgeous. It’s almost like we’re watching the trailer to the next Dreamworks or Pixar movie, it’s almost surreal. And new information, pictures, and videos have shown off this beautiful animation off well.

It’s-all-so-beautiful-I can’t take it anymore! Just let me die with the lights of Pari, I’m ready for the sweet angels to take me away to Animation Heaven, whenever you’re ready God, I can go now!

The show, as of right now, will premiere in France in September of this year. Granted, this is the third time that the studios have said that it was going to premiere in the length of three years, but still, hyped as hell. The fandom that developed from the first trailer has grown pretty strong in numbers, for a show that hasn’t even come out yet. But that isn’t surprising, actually. I mean, who can’t resist the allure of this show?

Wow, he really is Tamaki, isn’t he?

Eh, maybe these two. I mean, they’re living in it anyway.

Here’s the link to the official Zagtoon website for the show:

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On Who I Am, and Why I’m Here


This here is my sexy face. Hi.

So welcome all to my second first blog! I hope the accommodations are to your liking! The view are exquisite, aren’t they- Oh, who am I kidding? I already sound like I don’t know what I’m doing.

Honestly though, what else did you expect?

So this blog, as alluded to by the title of the blog, will be about my experiences as a soon-to-be high school graduate, and as a wannabe writer/blogger. Which, at times, can be tough for me to write about. How do you express the innermost feelings of one’s self, when you don’t even know how to feel sometimes? How do you symbolize the airy delight of joy, the burning passion of anger, the crushing weight of sadness, and the deep, deep feeling of lonliness- Wait.

Just like that. Yeah, let’s go with that.

Of course, gushing out my feelings can get dreadfully boring, so I will write about other stuff as well. I like animation, both American and Japanese (those maybe I’ll like French animation once Miraculous Ladybug comes out, come on, it’s been 3 years, we need our magical girl/american-styled-super-heroine-French-CGI-anime-with-her-cutie-black-cat-sidekick-guy-whose-actually-her-crush-in-school-whose-crushing-on-her-superhero-identity-and-not-with-her-normal-alter-ego RIGHT NOW!!!) *cough* What happened? Sorry, went off-topic. I swear I won’t do that much.

Yeah…I promise…heh heh heh…

 So here’s the lowdown on things I wan to post about:

  • Book/Movie/Tv Show reviews: Mostly stuff I like that you should read/watch as well. There’s a lot I like, so that won’t be too difficult. Maybe I’ll even do video games…if I figure out how to have the time to play them.
  • On Writing: This has the word “unwritable” in it for a reason, you know (I’m not even sure if that is a real word or not, Spell Check isn’t going crazy on me, so maybe it is?). I like to write a lot, and my big goal in life is to publish a novel. I’ll post about ideas I have, stuff about writing, and maybe even some poetry. I have a Deviantart page that has some writings I’ve done in the past; if you want to check them out, I’ll have the link to the page somewhere on the blog.
  • Life in General: About my life, things I’ve observed and want to talk about, news I’ve heard, topics l like to discuss, etc. Random misc. stuff.

I hope to keep up with posting things. I’m not sure if I want to commit myself to a schedule or what, since that last time I tried to do a schedule thing with a blog, I…I don’t want to talk about it, actually.

Right before she pulled out her gorgeous bun too. *sniff*

So that’s about it from me! If you were a follower of that thing we will not mention from before, sorry about the abrupt end of that…one. I did back up all my previous posts from before, so maybe one day, I’ll post all of them on here for your enjoyment over how pretentious I tried to sound. Perhaps. One day. I would like to end every blog post as Billy Pilgrim ended his speeches from Slaughterhouse Five:

Farewell, hello, farewell, hello.

P.S. I am sorry for the large amounts of GIFs in this blog post. I finally figured out how to embed those, and it excited me that I figured out something technical for once in my entire existence. I swear that I won’t overuse them!

No seriously, I swear, last one, right here.

No seriously, last one, right here.